Things for me have been overly stressful lately. Homework is building up, people I want to interview aren’t getting back to me, everything has been head-ache-causing. My mom and i are very intuned with each other ( I vent to her, she vents to me, and nobody goes postal) so to help me relax she decided to take me and little brother on a mini-roadtrip to the pumpkin farm.

It was at  some garden center that they set up with games and stuff every year. The main thing my brother wanted to do was go on the hayride. Mom got us tickets and we went to wait in line. The total ride is about 45 minutes long but you go on the haunted hayride that drops you off in the corn maze and when you find your way out you’re at the pumpkin patch to pick out your pumpkins. We wait fifteen minutes in line under in long sleeve shirts (thinking “Hey, it’s Wisconsin, it’s going to be cold out.”) But instead it was in the high seventies with full sun (thank you Global Warming! *not*) The tractor finally arrives and we are one of the first people in line so we had a guaranteed seat. My brother with his great enthusiasm and small bladder gets so excited that he reaches up to pull on my mom’s sleeve and says on a little voice “Bathroom?”

We missed the ride of course and had to wait another 45 minutes for the next one. We spent most the time with brother trying to convince him to use the Port-o-Potty. 

We finally get on the hayride and is was nice! Not too scary for little brother and relaxing for me and Ma. The corn maze was another story…I didn’t remember the corn being so tall and confusing 🙂 It took us twenty minutes and three dead ends to find the exist.  Little brother picks a good size orange pumpkin (with the conditions that he couldn’t pick one bigger than himself 😉 ) And I chose a really cool white one that looks like a head 🙂

After picking out pumpkins he asked Mom for some tickets to play some of the kiddie games, first was a fishing game where he wins a plastic necklace . He kept asking me “Sam, you go play too?”  He’s so cute. I told him that the games where only for little kids not adults *sadly, the fishing game looked fun!*

Then he won a toy frog with a parachute from a catapult game where you hit it as hard as you can to make the plastic rubber frog go into the pond.  We still and more tickets so he wanted to go inside this blow-up caterpillar bouncy things. He runs in and the first thing you hear is *thump* then Brother saying “I’m okay!”

He still has one more ticket left so he ran to the fishing game again. He caught another fish and wins another necklace. He comes back out with his prize and my mom says, “Are you going to where that too?”

He shook his head and reached up to me and said “No, I won this for my sister!” I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home…