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I know I haven’t been posting anything really pertaining to writing or Wicca lately but right now that is going to change as for now. Today I want to put something to rest that a lot of pagan newbies worry a lot about.

 As me and my mom are eclectic Wiccans we do many rituals for different things. We do rituals for luck, celebration the sabbats, esbats, all sorts of stuff. And as many know we have a little child  as well. So there is a higher chance that whatever we are doing at that moment in time will come to a stand still with these few little words “Ooh, what are you doing?” “Ooh, what’s this thing?” “Ooh, can I play with the stick?” (it’s a wand but he thinks it’s a stick)

For Example:

Last night we (me and Mom) decided to go outside (it was gorgeous outside!) and do a nighttime ritual with our new bonfire pit ( the caldron we call it be cause it really looks like a caldron) for good fortune for the family and us. This is a parody of what happened…

Mom (standing to the north, I in the south invoking our circle): “Oh Goddess we ask of you…

Little Bro:”What are you doing”

Me: “We’re doing our ritual, shhh”.

Mom: Again we ask the God and Goddess…

Little Bro; “Can I play with the stick?”

Me (glaring): “No, shut up. And it’s a wand, not a stick”.

Little Bro: “But I wanna play with it!”

Mom: “Don’t tell your brother to ‘shut up’. Do you want to be a part of our ritual, sweetie?”

Little Bro: *nods*

(We finally get the circle cast and say  our blessings and say thanks to the God and Goddess when in the middle…)

Little Bro: “Are we done yet?”

Me and Mom :”No.”

Little Bro (after about two-minute of silence) :”I’m bored!”

(Little brother runs out of the circle , which he isn’t suppose to, to instead roll around in the mosquito infested grass and get his clothes dirty and sing at the top of his lungs)

Rituals aren’t ment to be perfect. If they were they wouldn’t half as interesting and just because you get interrupted or a magick malfunction, as I like to call it, happens it doesn’t make the spell any less potent. It’s the energy and you acknowledgement of the energies and divine forces you invoke that matter. Every you do is between the Goddess and the God, and they don’t care if you look like a fool or screw something up. Laughter is one of the things that they hold dear and they know how much work you put into everything you do.  I felt the energy yesterday and I know, yet it was comical, but the Gods and Goddesses need to laugh too…

October 2010

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