This is a video of one of the people (besides my amazing mom) who has inspired me the most in my Craft; Charming Pixie Flora.

Flora is such an amazing person that I actually found by accident. Last year I was looking for some recipes for some stuff to make for Mabon (Witches Thanksgiving, will talk about that in another post) and one of her videos came up on YouTube.

She has been  a Natural Witch for almost six years and has a wealth of knowledge. This is Charming Pixie Flora’s recipe for ‘Witches Brew’ a drink that is great for the fall holidays and as an ale substitute for the ale portion of Sabbat and esbat celebrations. Sabbat and esbats are the times that Wiccans and pagans set aside to celebrate the Wheel of Life, the lunar calendar, and the changing seasons.

And since Samhain (Halloween) is coming up I thought this would be a great way to start off. If you want to throw a spooking party, this is a great way to add some witcheyness to the festivities. Or you can make it anytime and enjoy. Everyone should check out Flora’s YouTube channel at Flora\’s Family Footsteps

*I have no rights to this video, all credit goes to Flora*

ingredients needed:

1 Gallon Apple Cider
1 Apple
1 Orange
3 Cinnamon Sticks
3 Slices Ginger
1 Handful Dried Rose Petals
1 TBS Spice (your choice)

-First pour the gallon of apple cider into a very large cooking pot (one that can hold a gallon of liquid or more.)

-Add in a hand full of dried rose petals (you can buy these at any health food store by the bag . Or at a New Age shop, but they will be more expensive. )I have a wonderfully giant rose-bush outside my bedroom window. (It’s wonderful waking up every morning to the sweet scent of tea rose wafting through your bedroom, placing a cocoon of sweetness around you..sorry) I collect the blooms and petals from every summer, dry and use them (AFTER washing them of any germs! I just spray them with water and pat them dry. Gives me peace of mind)

-Next slice a whole apple horizontally, it shows the star or pentacle of seeds that’s in every apple.  Apples have been used in sacred rites and fortune-telling for centuries because of its association with the harvest and many Goddesses. It is really amazing to see (or I’m just that easily amazed)

-Add in the slices of oranges, cinnamon sticks, and slices of ginger to the mix. In the video, Flora uses nutmeg for her spice of choice but for me personally and my family prefer to add coriander. When freshly ground it gives off a pungent citrus and floral small that reminds me of oranges and lilac.

-Stir the amber liquid (don’t get too excited, brisk stirring + scalding hot liquid= @#$!) about every twenty minutes and let it simmer on the stove for about 2 hours. During this time the apples with cook down and start to crumble and become something close to the consistency of apple sauce. That’s okay it only adds the texture of the drink.

WARNING! Cooking this will make your house small so AMAZING! Every year I make this (since I am designated kitchen witch for many of the sabbats) the sugary sweetness tantalizes everyone out of their rooms and into the kitchen wondering what’s going on.  We have very small ranch-style house so it makes EVERYTHING take on that old-country sweet apple farm smell.

-After man-handling all family members out of the kitchen, now it the hardest part, the waiting. I usually sit in the kitchen with one of my many romance novels (yes, I read romance. Don’t just me.) and play the waiting game.

After your two hours are up, serve to your guests or rowdy family members. You can strain it if you want but I like having bits of flavors burst in your mouth while drinking.

Blessed Be!