November 1st…in the immortal words of the awesome film ‘Mortal Combat’,

“It has Begun!”

It took me three hours but I have my first 1,667 words down for my NaNo story *Round of thundering applause*

*Takes a bow* Thank you, thank you! Now I can tell all about what I’m writing *Everyone holds their breaths, some collapse from lack of oxygen*

Okay, the title is called “In My Nature” and is a YA (Young Adult) werewolf romance about a teenager from a small town and her weird friend who are not exactly the most popular people  in school (Boy, I can relate to that) . My main  character is very shy and very self-conscious about her body and her extremely curly hair. Her friend  is ostracized from not just school but from the whole town because her mom is the a Wiccan priestess and owns the only New Age shop in town.

The first day of  senior year doesn’t exactly go well (If you call my main character nearly getting run over in the parking lot by her arch-nemesis, and falling nearly 16 feet out of the air in gym class ‘going well’)

After her two near-death experiences, she asked out of the blue by her secret crush to go to a party after school, she thinks her luck must be changing! But she forgot about the wolf-like creature that’s been killing hikers in the woods where the party is taking place.

You know what they say…third times the charm.

So that’s all the info I’m giving so far, I’ve got the first chapter down and I’m currently working on a book cover image for everyone to get a visual. Only 48,333 to go!

Blessed be! )0(