Week 2…15,359 words…one day behind with a 1200 word essay due…news paper articles not going well…considering comitting technological homicide to my lap top…

But on a less crazy note I made a new cover for ‘In My Nature’  with Photoshop *yay* I think it’s more teenage-friendly than my previous one and I found a nice pic of the actress that inspired Sadie Shay. I couldn’t find a pic for my hero that I like so I subed it for a very loving young man who many might know as Jax Teller form “Sons of Anarchy”.

I’ll post that when I’m done tweeking it.

I am swamped with work so I might only be posting once a week until December…it’s okay to cry 🙂

I’m on chapter 6 with my story and so far so good. I had to make a list of priorities on what to get done this week so here is my list…


-Load articles to Basecamp

-Start essay that’s due next Thusday

-Finish and print paperwork and assignment for sociology teacher

-Eat somewhere in between

-Try to get ahead on my word count.


That sounds like a good list, I guess.