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Today is a bittersweet day indeed.

I just finished my final exam and I am free as a bird until the end of January. VIVA LA VACATION! But it is not all good. I’ve mention my friend Alixe in the past. She is the awsomest (I don’t care if it’s a word or not) person ever. But now she is miles away at her grandparents place, transferring to UW-Plattville next semester.

Oh Alixe, she was a lifeline for me this semester. She cracked the whip when I began slacking off on my NaNo book, she let me hang out in her dorm room and watch Monty Python and Red Dwarf  in between classes, she taught me the wonders of purple duck tape.

Yes, I didn’t know all the cool stuff purple duck tape could do until I met Alixe. There’s bracelets, necklaces, adding stripes to shirts or jeans, taping close your trunk that refuses to stay close…aw memories.

 We met the first day of college orientation and the first thing she said to me was, “So, do you read manga and watch Star Trek?”

I knew we were going to be the best of friends.

Yesterday was her last day on campus so we spent the whole day together. We camped out in my ‘office’ (It’s a project room with free internet that’s first come, first serve…and I’m always first *hehe*) and we watched Naruto videos on YouTube and read fanfiction while discussing what would be the best shoe to live in if we had to live in a shoe (being in Wisconsin, I say a fur-lined boot, but that’s not the point). After our exam, it was time to finish moving her stuff from the fourth floor to the basement, even with an elevator it was more difficult than it sounds.

College kids have more stuff than I realized. It took, me, Alixe, her dad, and a very large dolly bed squeezed in a not so large elevator. It was the closest me and Alixe have ever been together…

Before she left we stood facing each over for a moment. I realized that I was going to genuinely miss Alixe. I had friends in highschool that I hung out with at school and sometimes emailed on occasion but the friendship never went any further than that. When the emails stopped, it wasn’t the end of the world for me. Alixe and me talked daily, hung out and went to lunch and dinner, laughed and did silly things (look back at the living in the shoe conversation).

We squeezed each over in a breathless embrace that we didn’t want to stop. But we had to. Before she left she took out her trust purple role and tore off a stripe and placed on my left coat arm like a badge of honor. “We still have Skype”, she said to me, “And we will finish our joint-10th Kingdon fanfiction via email.”

A tear happiness slid down my face and kissed my cold bitten cheek. “And Duck tape. Whenever I see a pastel colored adhesive tape, I’ll think of you.”

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”  That has been my day in a nutshell. Here at home, we’ve been staying inside keeping warm and toasty. 🙂

Two more days of school and then it’s WINTER VACATION! *round of applause and happy dance* I am counting the hours right now.

Things are pretty boring here right now. Dad’s taking a nap in the bedroom, mom’s taking a bath in the tub, and I’m doing my blogging thing while watching Little Bro.

I’m taking this time to try to get my final project for Sociology class done and it’s not going well at all…

My brother has discovered the mind-controlling powers of  the dreaded ‘Duck Song’. For those who are unfamiliar with this song, consider yourself lucky! It is song that will burn its way into your brain until it consumes all the grey matter in your head, wiping out everything else until all you can do is sing, “A duck walked up to a lemonade stand. The duck asked the man, running the stand, “Hey”, *bum bum bum* “Got any grapes?”

 He keeps singing the chorus over and over and over AND OVER AGAIN that now I’m starting to sing it. *Intellect decreasing…brain liquifying…running down my ears…can’t stop it!*

If I have to endure this torture, everyone will suffer! (I’m just vindictive that way). And I have one important thing to ask everyone…got any grapes?

Before today, I didn’t know that playing jeopardy can put you in jeopardy. Let me explain…some may know that there is only a few days left until the torture that is known as ‘exams’ are upon us. For my class Reporting and Feature writing, my teacher thought that it would fun for us for play a game to help us review.

Big mistake.

The rules were similar to that of actual Trebeck jeopardy, but one person on each team had to raise their hand and yell out ‘BUZZ!” first to get called on to say the answer.

The first round was brutal, Team 1 (not my team) got a lot of point because while my team was still reading the question, they would call out BUZZ! and answer. Which Team 2 (MY TEAM!) decided that was totally unfair.

The first round was Team 1, but as we came back in the second round their was a lot of “They didn’t say BUZZ!, they didn’t raise there hand!” then they accused us of trying to cheat by giving them cookies to stuff there faces with so they couldn’t yell BUZZ! (Hehe).

An all girl (and one boy) fist fight was about to take place, my teacher’s nimble finger on the security switch then before we knew FINAL JEOPARDY was upon us…the final question, “What is the name for an article about the past event?” We didn’t know until it came upon me like I was hit with my textbook.

‘What is a flashback?” I yelled out after beeping ( I was sick of the buzzing)

We took the game and five extra credit points for our final grade.

 I knew you had to fight tooth and nail in journalism but that was ridiculous.


I am counting the days to the end of exams and all my classes when finally I get a chance to not worry about stuff like homework, class, getting to school on time…

I have plans for winter break and here they are:

-Finish editing my Nano book and get my paperback by February

-Sleep (of course)

-Get back into sculpting with clay

And my big projects is learning medical herbalism (exciting!) For the reason that me and my mom have very screwed up bodies and we can’t handle many  pharmaceutical products like aspirin, stomach medicines, etc. I’ve always been interested in herbs and there medical and magical properties. Now, I am making the time to learn!

I’m not sure on how I’m going to do it yet, there are so many sources, but I’m going to make some stops at the library and then to the herbal shop to start practicing, (on my self, because mom said no to experimentation on little bro) Mom has agreed to help me in my journey to making herbal remedies, tinctures, and satchels. So onward!


As I was writing the title for this post i couldn’t help but think, “That sounds like a Dr. Seuss book…no stars upon thars.” (That was a random thought 🙂

Any way, last night around 8:30 p.m I was sitting in my bedroom doing

It doesn't look like dough...does it?

multiple things (watching t.v., editing by nano manuscript, thinking of ways to end world hunger…) and I had this urge to go into the kitchen and start making some spell stars. Spell stars are a cute little thing that I learned from Charming Pixie Flora (see my post about the Witches Brew) and they are used as something to empower with your intentions and burn, bury, etc. you can also use then as offerings to the God and Goddess for sabbats, esbats, daily offerings, anything you can think of, they are really versital.

What you need to make them is applesauce and cinnamon, that’s it. But you need a lot of cinnamon.

This was my first year making them and I had a little bump in the road or two. For one, I didn’t have a star cookie cutter. mom had one at one point but I have no clue where it went. *The fairies must have taken them…or grandma*

So I made do with mini gingerbread men, angels, bells, and leaf shapes. They turned out very nice even though, and they smell…WONDERFUL!

I tried taking pictures with my digital camera to upload for everyone, but they were not turning out right. But here is the video of Charming Pixie Flora and her recipe for Spell stars!

I am jumping up and down with joy! (Which is hard to do and type as the same time). I have succeeded where many have failed, I have written a novel within 30 days…and I am so glade that it’s  over and sad at the same time.

By November 26th I had 20,000 words done and was panicking (plus I had an essay and a sociology Powerpoint to complete on top of that). But my frazzled mind concocted a plan that would help me achieve my goal: Me writing 10,000 words for three days, roughly 1,000 words an hour,  and forego sleeping, I could possibly make it.

 I got up at 6:30 am everyday (the only school days ever that I woke up that early and didn’t throw my alarm clock across the room) , powered up my laptop, filled my BigGulp container full of my fabulous chocolatey coffee and went to work. (With small intervals for classes, eating and frequent potty breaks). The first day was not so bad except that i had not seen the draw back of that it would take me to 1:00 a.m to finish my 10,000 words. But I did!

November 28 and the 29th was a horrible repeat of the cruel cycle that had become my days. I dreaded hearing that damn alarm clock every morning. I would think to myself, “Just today, I’ll sleep in a little bit. A haft an hour, twenty-minute, I just need five more minutes of sleep.”. But then the shrill buzzing that had become my master would send my body on auto-pilot and I found myself sitting up, and reaching blindly for my laptop in the darkness .

By the afternoon of November 30th, or D-Day in my case,  sleep-deprived, my bladder bursting at the seams but refusing to go before i hit my 1,000 words an hour mark, I was panicking. The worst thing that could happen  for a writer on a deadline happened to me.

I was almost finish and I only had 43,532 words. Like any college students crazed on caffeine and suffering from computer glare, I cam up with, what I though at the time, was the most brilliant plan ever: not using any apostrophes.

I made sure that every can’t and won’t, and you’re magically became ‘can not, would not, and you are’. It was brilliant! Call me Wil E. Coyote! It was…for about an hour. I only had 46,297 words now.

Dead line approaching, midnight coming closer even though it was only 12:30 in the afternoon!

I was frantic, I was tired, I wanted my mommy.

I wasn’t going to finish on time.

Until a little birdie poked me in the shoulder. And that little birdie is named Alixe (my BFF)!

She sat down by me in the cafe where I was sitting and asked in an innocent tone, “Sam, why are you hitting your head against the table?”

I looked up from my pitiful state, “I am hitting my head against the table because I feel like it!”

“Are you done with your book”, she asked me.

“Yes”, I grumbled.

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I have no more words! The story is complete as it could be and I have no more words!”

‘Then start on your second book.”


“You’re planning a sequel, right?”

“yeah”, I said hesitantly.

“You know, some books include an except of the next book the writer is writing. Why don’t you do that?”

It was so simple. She said it so simply that I was dumbstruck, but she made a good point.

So on November 30th at 6:47 p.m. I became an official NaNoWriMo Winner! What did I win, you ask?

I won a very cool, very sweet…printable certificate and a free print copy of my book!

Many maybe wondering, “You suffered all that to get a fricking certificate and ONE BOOK! Are you crazy? Why did you do it?”

I could tell you many things like , “I did this not for the prizes, but the see if I could” or “I did it for the grand experience and the test of my discipline”. But honestly…

I did it because I could.

Am I going to do it next year…oh yeah!

December 2010

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