I am jumping up and down with joy! (Which is hard to do and type as the same time). I have succeeded where many have failed, I have written a novel within 30 days…and I am so glade that it’s  over and sad at the same time.

By November 26th I had 20,000 words done and was panicking (plus I had an essay and a sociology Powerpoint to complete on top of that). But my frazzled mind concocted a plan that would help me achieve my goal: Me writing 10,000 words for three days, roughly 1,000 words an hour,  and forego sleeping, I could possibly make it.

 I got up at 6:30 am everyday (the only school days ever that I woke up that early and didn’t throw my alarm clock across the room) , powered up my laptop, filled my BigGulp container full of my fabulous chocolatey coffee and went to work. (With small intervals for classes, eating and frequent potty breaks). The first day was not so bad except that i had not seen the draw back of that it would take me to 1:00 a.m to finish my 10,000 words. But I did!

November 28 and the 29th was a horrible repeat of the cruel cycle that had become my days. I dreaded hearing that damn alarm clock every morning. I would think to myself, “Just today, I’ll sleep in a little bit. A haft an hour, twenty-minute, I just need five more minutes of sleep.”. But then the shrill buzzing that had become my master would send my body on auto-pilot and I found myself sitting up, and reaching blindly for my laptop in the darkness .

By the afternoon of November 30th, or D-Day in my case,  sleep-deprived, my bladder bursting at the seams but refusing to go before i hit my 1,000 words an hour mark, I was panicking. The worst thing that could happen  for a writer on a deadline happened to me.

I was almost finish and I only had 43,532 words. Like any college students crazed on caffeine and suffering from computer glare, I cam up with, what I though at the time, was the most brilliant plan ever: not using any apostrophes.

I made sure that every can’t and won’t, and you’re magically became ‘can not, would not, and you are’. It was brilliant! Call me Wil E. Coyote! It was…for about an hour. I only had 46,297 words now.

Dead line approaching, midnight coming closer even though it was only 12:30 in the afternoon!

I was frantic, I was tired, I wanted my mommy.

I wasn’t going to finish on time.

Until a little birdie poked me in the shoulder. And that little birdie is named Alixe (my BFF)!

She sat down by me in the cafe where I was sitting and asked in an innocent tone, “Sam, why are you hitting your head against the table?”

I looked up from my pitiful state, “I am hitting my head against the table because I feel like it!”

“Are you done with your book”, she asked me.

“Yes”, I grumbled.

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I have no more words! The story is complete as it could be and I have no more words!”

‘Then start on your second book.”


“You’re planning a sequel, right?”

“yeah”, I said hesitantly.

“You know, some books include an except of the next book the writer is writing. Why don’t you do that?”

It was so simple. She said it so simply that I was dumbstruck, but she made a good point.

So on November 30th at 6:47 p.m. I became an official NaNoWriMo Winner! What did I win, you ask?

I won a very cool, very sweet…printable certificate and a free print copy of my book!

Many maybe wondering, “You suffered all that to get a fricking certificate and ONE BOOK! Are you crazy? Why did you do it?”

I could tell you many things like , “I did this not for the prizes, but the see if I could” or “I did it for the grand experience and the test of my discipline”. But honestly…

I did it because I could.

Am I going to do it next year…oh yeah!