As I was writing the title for this post i couldn’t help but think, “That sounds like a Dr. Seuss book…no stars upon thars.” (That was a random thought 🙂

Any way, last night around 8:30 p.m I was sitting in my bedroom doing

It doesn't look like dough...does it?

multiple things (watching t.v., editing by nano manuscript, thinking of ways to end world hunger…) and I had this urge to go into the kitchen and start making some spell stars. Spell stars are a cute little thing that I learned from Charming Pixie Flora (see my post about the Witches Brew) and they are used as something to empower with your intentions and burn, bury, etc. you can also use then as offerings to the God and Goddess for sabbats, esbats, daily offerings, anything you can think of, they are really versital.

What you need to make them is applesauce and cinnamon, that’s it. But you need a lot of cinnamon.

This was my first year making them and I had a little bump in the road or two. For one, I didn’t have a star cookie cutter. mom had one at one point but I have no clue where it went. *The fairies must have taken them…or grandma*

So I made do with mini gingerbread men, angels, bells, and leaf shapes. They turned out very nice even though, and they smell…WONDERFUL!

I tried taking pictures with my digital camera to upload for everyone, but they were not turning out right. But here is the video of Charming Pixie Flora and her recipe for Spell stars!