Before today, I didn’t know that playing jeopardy can put you in jeopardy. Let me explain…some may know that there is only a few days left until the torture that is known as ‘exams’ are upon us. For my class Reporting and Feature writing, my teacher thought that it would fun for us for play a game to help us review.

Big mistake.

The rules were similar to that of actual Trebeck jeopardy, but one person on each team had to raise their hand and yell out ‘BUZZ!” first to get called on to say the answer.

The first round was brutal, Team 1 (not my team) got a lot of point because while my team was still reading the question, they would call out BUZZ! and answer. Which Team 2 (MY TEAM!) decided that was totally unfair.

The first round was Team 1, but as we came back in the second round their was a lot of “They didn’t say BUZZ!, they didn’t raise there hand!” then they accused us of trying to cheat by giving them cookies to stuff there faces with so they couldn’t yell BUZZ! (Hehe).

An all girl (and one boy) fist fight was about to take place, my teacher’s nimble finger on the security switch then before we knew FINAL JEOPARDY was upon us…the final question, “What is the name for an article about the past event?” We didn’t know until it came upon me like I was hit with my textbook.

‘What is a flashback?” I yelled out after beeping ( I was sick of the buzzing)

We took the game and five extra credit points for our final grade.

 I knew you had to fight tooth and nail in journalism but that was ridiculous.