“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”  That has been my day in a nutshell. Here at home, we’ve been staying inside keeping warm and toasty. 🙂

Two more days of school and then it’s WINTER VACATION! *round of applause and happy dance* I am counting the hours right now.

Things are pretty boring here right now. Dad’s taking a nap in the bedroom, mom’s taking a bath in the tub, and I’m doing my blogging thing while watching Little Bro.

I’m taking this time to try to get my final project for Sociology class done and it’s not going well at all…

My brother has discovered the mind-controlling powers of  the dreaded ‘Duck Song’. For those who are unfamiliar with this song, consider yourself lucky! It is song that will burn its way into your brain until it consumes all the grey matter in your head, wiping out everything else until all you can do is sing, “A duck walked up to a lemonade stand. The duck asked the man, running the stand, “Hey”, *bum bum bum* “Got any grapes?”

 He keeps singing the chorus over and over and over AND OVER AGAIN that now I’m starting to sing it. *Intellect decreasing…brain liquifying…running down my ears…can’t stop it!*

If I have to endure this torture, everyone will suffer! (I’m just vindictive that way). And I have one important thing to ask everyone…got any grapes?