Today is a bittersweet day indeed.

I just finished my final exam and I am free as a bird until the end of January. VIVA LA VACATION! But it is not all good. I’ve mention my friend Alixe in the past. She is the awsomest (I don’t care if it’s a word or not) person ever. But now she is miles away at her grandparents place, transferring to UW-Plattville next semester.

Oh Alixe, she was a lifeline for me this semester. She cracked the whip when I began slacking off on my NaNo book, she let me hang out in her dorm room and watch Monty Python and Red Dwarf  in between classes, she taught me the wonders of purple duck tape.

Yes, I didn’t know all the cool stuff purple duck tape could do until I met Alixe. There’s bracelets, necklaces, adding stripes to shirts or jeans, taping close your trunk that refuses to stay close…aw memories.

 We met the first day of college orientation and the first thing she said to me was, “So, do you read manga and watch Star Trek?”

I knew we were going to be the best of friends.

Yesterday was her last day on campus so we spent the whole day together. We camped out in my ‘office’ (It’s a project room with free internet that’s first come, first serve…and I’m always first *hehe*) and we watched Naruto videos on YouTube and read fanfiction while discussing what would be the best shoe to live in if we had to live in a shoe (being in Wisconsin, I say a fur-lined boot, but that’s not the point). After our exam, it was time to finish moving her stuff from the fourth floor to the basement, even with an elevator it was more difficult than it sounds.

College kids have more stuff than I realized. It took, me, Alixe, her dad, and a very large dolly bed squeezed in a not so large elevator. It was the closest me and Alixe have ever been together…

Before she left we stood facing each over for a moment. I realized that I was going to genuinely miss Alixe. I had friends in highschool that I hung out with at school and sometimes emailed on occasion but the friendship never went any further than that. When the emails stopped, it wasn’t the end of the world for me. Alixe and me talked daily, hung out and went to lunch and dinner, laughed and did silly things (look back at the living in the shoe conversation).

We squeezed each over in a breathless embrace that we didn’t want to stop. But we had to. Before she left she took out her trust purple role and tore off a stripe and placed on my left coat arm like a badge of honor. “We still have Skype”, she said to me, “And we will finish our joint-10th Kingdon fanfiction via email.”

A tear happiness slid down my face and kissed my cold bitten cheek. “And Duck tape. Whenever I see a pastel colored adhesive tape, I’ll think of you.”