*looks around, blows dust off computer*

Wow, it has been a hectic couple of months! After so much I finally have the time to sit down and get back to things, like this blog. But where to start off…

I made it pass exams and finished out the year successfully (yay!) but the happiness was short-lived. When I finished class in February I had a message on my phone from my dad saying to call him back as soon as possible. My first thought was “Crap, I must have forgotten to so something at home.” But that wasn’t the case.

On February 24, my grandmother Gloria, a women who helped raise me and inspired my love for nature, myth, and fairies passed away. It hit me harder than I thought it would, I knew she was sick for a long time and my mom told to prepare myself…but like many people say “you can’t prepare for death.” My mush-mush *that’s what I called her* put me on the path that lead me to my love of writing and to my faith, but  with her gone it was like my faith and love were gone too.

I didn’t  know what to do, I felt like there was a big void in my life and I didn’t want to do anything. It was three months before I started writing again. But still, it got me thinking about life and death and that if I stopped living, it doesn’t me the world stops living. It will go on and I could either forgo everything I worked to achieve: my writing, my work at school, and do nothing or I could go with it and just live every day as much as I could.

I have finished my first manuscript and currently working on the sequel to In My Nature, called Making Moon Eyes! I am planning my book out for upcoming NaNoWriMo in November, which I will me posting my progress here.

I will be blogging again, at least once a week, maybe more depending on school. So everyone here is my final words for this post…Life can be smooth like chocolate or bitter like lemon but we have to take the bitter with the sweet and make something out of it.

Blessed be,