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I have talked about my addiction to Japanese and Korean Dramas before (I like Taiwanese and Chinese too but not as much…) in one or two other posts. Well, this addiction has spawned a new challenge for me that I’m beyond excited about.

I have this idea for a cross cultural novel about a westernized Korean American girl and a native Korean guy and I wanted to do some more research on Korea and the culture.  I found a wealth of awesome blog called Eat Your Kimchi that I have fallen hopelessly devoted to (yes, I did a Sandy…oh Sandy…).

Any way, the blog was created by a lovely Canadian married couple(and their fur baby, Spudgy) who actually live in Korea as English teachers. They are both educational as well as funny. They don’t just talk about Korea culture, they also review local restaurants, find the weirdest Korean products and they do reviews on the newest K-Pop songs. I am big into K-Pop right now so I love watching them (SHINee U-KISS I LOVE U !).

This post isn’t doing them justice. I don’t have the words that can describe how wonderful and laid back they are. You have to see then for themselves. These two have inspired me with their…je ne sais quoi. (Yay, french class paid off!)

You have to see them for yourself 🙂

March 2012

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