I’m so sorry that this post isn’t what I planned on or promised you guys, but I sometimes think that I’m cursed.

Well, maybe not cursed but most definitely unlucky when it comes to the holidays. Every holiday, especially Christmas/Yule time, I come down with some ailment that inhibits me from enjoying my winter break. Here is a ‘short’ list of some of the more exotic ones:

-double ear infection (several times)

-ruptured ear drum (twice in both ears)

-gall bladder surgery recovery

-chicken pox

-bronchitis (twice)

-ruptured tonsil due to severe tonsillitis (it healed and is fine)

-internal hemorrhaging (scariest moment in my sixth grade life…)

Just when things were looking up and I though the curse was broken, Little Bro brought home a highly contagious bug that my body’s not handling well. It has all the bells and whistles of a great virus: fever, sore throat and not to mention a horrible rash on my hands and arms that is making typing very painful so I have to stop it here.

I hope to feel better in a few days and post the post I promised.

Sorry again everyone but I’ll see you soon!

Blessed Be )o(