DT_publicmuseum_677x387_FitToBoxSmallDimension_CenterHappy belated Imbolc everyone!

I haven’t been feeling well and I’m still healing from the oral surgery. It’s taking a lot longer than I thought it would take. Plus school has started up again (last semester WOOHOO!).
Great news, I’m back at Arches again! I’m so excited because instead of just being a reporter I’m also an editor of an entire section! And the coolest part is that I get to do a review of a new exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum, you might have heard of it…National Geographic Real Pirates!

Today I got to go through the ENTIRE exhibit all by myself and it was the most AMAZING experience of my life to date. I’ve lived in Milwaukee all my life and have been to the museum dozens of times that I can pretty much tell you where everything is without looking at the pamphlet map you get at the Help Desk. I have to admit, the museum went all out with this exhibit.

You are introduced to the exhibit with a 4 minute intro movie of the history of the pirate ship The Whydah accompanied by piratey-mood setting music and lighting effects of thunder and lightning. Finally, as the movie ends and the lightening still flashes, in comes this great crescendo of music and the wall where the film was just playing rises and opens into the exhibit, The first thing that you see is this gorgeous iron bell seeming to float in midair in a halo of golden light. I must have stared at that bell for a long time because it was a thing a beauty to a history buff like me.

The rest of the exhibit goes in chronological order of the history of The Wydah as it started out as a slaved ship which then was captured by pirates and then sank in a storm nearly two years later off the coast of Massachusetts. I got to touch ACTUAL pirate silver, learn how to tie sailor knots (not very well), walk in the hull of a ship and talked to ACTUAL PIRATES! Well…pirate actors, but still pirates!

I so wish I could have taken pictures but there was a “No photography” rule, which sucks but is understandable.

If you’re in the Milwaukee Area and love pirates, history or just cool stuff I recommend going and checking it out for yourself since it’s going to be at the museum until May 27 of this year. I’ll put up a link to my article when it gets published next month.
Blessed Be everyone, type you soon )o(