Hi! My name is Sam and I live in Wisconsin (yes land of cheese, beer, the Packers, more beer…yuck). I am a 23 yr old pagan college student in a Catholic all girls college(Yeah..I know. But they had the best English program close to home) with hopes of one day having a published novel. I am an English Professional Writing major (think of journalism mixed with creative writing) and I love reading romance novels, fantasy, and young adult fiction (Plus, I’m a fanficoholic^-^). My favorite authors as of right now are Katie MacAllister, Laurell K. Hamiltion, Kresley Cole, Mary Janice Davison, and Charlaine Harris(GO TEAM ERIC!)

I have big plans for the blog that evolve tips for writers, college tips for pagan students, writing tips for pagans …yada yada yada…and also just discussing life as I know it ,as you know it, and as I see it ( not your world but my personal one with purple clouds, blue talking trees and never-ending buckets of Strawberry ice cream).