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I have a confession to make…I’m a pro wrestling fan.

I know how it sounds and what some of you might be thinking: “Really? An educated young woman like you watches…THAT?” I know what people say about it “Don’t watch it because it’s fake, it’s barbaric” and other stuff too. I’ve heard all of it and yes, it is scripted for the most part. But for me as an English/Creative Writing person, I see it as a combination of athletics and theatrics. It’s like mixing your favorite sport with your favorite T.V. or comic book characters.

The main reason for this post is that the internet is ‘blowing up’ in a bad way about WWE’s Royal Rumble that just happened and who won. Spoiler alerts are coming and I’ll be talking about stuff and people you might not know about if you don’t follow WWE.

My personal opinion of the Royal Rumble: It was very good!

It wasn’t great but there were amazing things about it.

Number 1: The New Age Outlaw tag team match
I grew up watching WWE in the 90’s during ‘the Attitude Era’ as many call it and one of my favorite tag teams of that time period was The New Age Outlaws. It was great seeing them wrestle again even if they didn’t win against the Ascension. I understand though why they had to lose. The Ascension is a new tag team that debut a month or so back and they haven’t been well received by fans. When I and my mom first saw them in red and black face paint and spiked shoulder pads, we both thought “Road Warriors ripoff”. This is a way to try to earn credit with the fans by having them defeat the beloved six time Tag Team Champions. I don’t know…maybe the Ascension will grow on me.

Number 2: The Greatest Triple Threat Match of the Year
The match with Seth Rollins, John Cena and Brock Lesner fighting for the World Championship Belt was…AMAZING! I admit I wasn’t expecting to love this match as much as I did. It was 23 minutes of awesomeness and believable story telling. When Brock was put through the table and medics were brought out to see him, wrestling and reality became skewed for me. I don’t know if he actually broke his rib or not but if not, great way of playing it up. If so then Cena and Rollins did a great job pulling out all the stops so Lesner could collect himself enough to slip back into the match seamlessly.

Number 3: DDP and the Return of Bubba Ray Dudley
The highlight of the whole Royal Rumble for me was seeing Bubba Ray Dudley of the Dudley Boyz, my other favorite tag team of the 90’s. I squealed when I saw him step out in his white and gray camo and his thick black glasses. I squealed even louder when he worked with R-Truth to perform the iconic ‘3-D’ finisher. I had a small hope that he’d win the Rumble but I think that was just me hardcore fangirl-ing. I loved seeing Diamond Dallas Page come out and be in the Rumble. It was for a short time but again it brought back pleasant memories for me and my mom watching and remembering the family gathering to watch wrestling together not so long ago.

The Winner Roman Reigns and Why this is a Good Thing
Everyone is upset because Roman Reigns won and because the fan favorite Daniel Bryan was eliminated early on. Fans were so riled that minutes after the PayPerView was over, the world wide trending twitter feed was #CancelWWENetwork.

I think that this level of negativity is silly because this is a good thing for Daniel Bryan fans and Daniel Bryan himself.

All of his fans know that last May, Daniel Bryan had to have surgery on his neck because of an injury that caused him to lose all the strength in his dominate arm. He’s been out for roughly six months healing from the surgery and getting physical therapy. He was finally cleared to wrestle a month ago on December 29.
It was because of this injury that Daniel Bryan had to give up the World Championship Belt that he won last Wrestle Mania. Fans were hoping that he would win the Rumble and go back to Wrestle Mania to try to get the belt back from Brock Lesner. I am so glad that management decided to go against the fans on this one because it would have been a very stupid move on their part.

To anyone who has seen Brock Lesner in the ring knows that Brock Lesner has a habit of being rough on his opponents. He’s a former UFC fighter who loves to perform multiple suplexes that can cause much strain to the back and neck area of the other wrestlers. Last Wrestle Mania, the Undertaker had to be rushed to the hospital after a match with Lesner due to a severe concussion. If Daniel Bryan had to wrestle Brock Lesner, or should I say thrown around by Brock Lesner, the chance of him being reinjured is assured.

I’m sure that WWE knows that Daniel Bryan is loved by everyone and that everyone wants him to get his title back. It is because he’s a fan favorite and a very profitable wrestler that they want him to heal as much as possible so that he can have a long career.

I know everyone is still upset at Roman Reigns but think about it, who else besides Rusev would be a good opponent for Lesner. To the ones in the stands who wanted Rusev to win over Reigns, why would he when he’s been hated so much by the fans, even more than Seth Rollins. It was because of losses to Rusev that caused The Big Show and Mark Henry to turn heel.

For the fans that are still upset, I have a prediction for Wrestle Mania that might satisfy all the Daniel Bryan lovers and Roman Reign haters out there. At Wrestle Mania for the match of Brock Lesner and Roman Reigns…it doesn’t matter who wins. If Reigns loses then the haters will be happy, if he wins and gets the belt then they’ll still be happy because there’s a good chance he won’t have the belt for long.

Remember, Seth Rollins still has his Money in the Bank Contract and I believe he’ll take a page out of the Rated-R Superstar Edge’s book and wait to see who wins then cash in and take out a weakened Reigns or Lesner. After Westle Mania, Daniel Bryan will have had a year of healing and has gotten back into wrestling shape by having mid card matches then he’ll be ready to start feuding with Rollins to get the title back. And maybe use a fired up Reigns to help him.

I just wanted to get this out because everyone doesn’t need to get so upset at Reigns or at WWE or at Daniel Bryan. I’m not writing this because I’m a Roman Reigns fan, I’m not (I’m a Dean Ambrose girl). I wanted to write about this because even though I don’t favor Roman Reigns, he’s still a hard working athlete who trying to live up to being born in a very well known family of famous and favored wrestlers. I think and hope Daniel Bryan not winning the match leads to a great comeback and a great downfall for Seth Rollins and the Authority.

Hi everyone!

Here are the photos of me graduating from college (YAY!) that I promised so long ago. For some reason my computer was not letting me upload them for so long but now it is fixed. These photos are complements of my friend Barb’s son. You can find her blog here: Barb’s Imagination

From left to right: Barb, Me and Christine :)

From left to right: Barb, Me and Christine 🙂

Me being presented my diploma :)

Me being presented my diploma 🙂

Long time no see, I guess.

I’m officially a college graduate… weird.

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a long time. Studying for finals and going to graduation rehearsals took up much of my time. After getting my diploma, I took some R &R for myself for the first week and then devoted myself to job hunting.

I plan to upload pictures of my graduation soon.

Sorry this post is short, but I wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t fall off the face of the earth 🙂
Blessed be

angry_witch_sticker-p217611632602662090envb3_400Good morning, evening and afternoon everyone!

I want to address something that made me very disappointed in news media, to be more specific, with Fox News.

Yesterday, they published a story about the University of Missouri adding Wiccan/Pagan holidays to their “Guide to Religions: Major Holidays and Suggested Accommodations” packet they give to faculty and students. When I first heard about that, I thought “Why do we need accommodation” because as a college student, I can’t afford to miss any classes in case I miss something and I’m sure it’s the same in Missouri. Then I thought “Someone is going to say something dumb about it.” Little did I know that it wouldn’t be some right winged bible thumping closed minded interviewee, but the Fox News Anchors themselves?

As a student who has been studying journalism for four years now, I can’t believe what those anchors said actually made it to air, and national news no doubt. I am disgusted and appalled with the blatant bigotry and unprofessionalism of this that I am almost at a loss for words.

All most…

To sum it up here is something that I’ve written:
To whom it may concern,

My name is Samantha Stanford and I wish to complain about the way Fox News portrayed Wiccan/Pagans in your last broadcast on February 17th.

I am a journalism student in Wisconsin as well as a Pagan. I found the news anchors very misinformed and how they addressed Wiccans and Pagans very biased to the point of bigotry.

As a journalism student, I’ve been taught that the news reporter must take themselves out of the equation and just report the facts as they currently stand. The way Fox News anchors spoke of Wiccans being “Dungeons and Dragons players” and “Twice Divorced Midwives” who have an affinity for incense is very offensive. Fox News cannot joke about Catholic priests being “child molesters” or people of the Muslim faith being “terrorists” because it is offensive, what makes what those anchors said not offensive to us?

The comment on Wiccans/Pagans having 20 holidays is greatly exaggerated.
Many Wiccans and Pagans celebrate the 8 main holidays of the Wheel of the Year: Yule/Winter solstice, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lammas, Mabon and Samhain. The 13 esbats are not holidays but the full moons in one year that are considered sacred. The Fox News team would have known this if they had looked over the Missouri University’s “Guide to Religions” that Fox News just so happens to have a link to on your own website included with this article: and counted them.

Also many of these holidays coincide closely with modern western holidays, causing little upset with academic calendars. This I know from experience. So we are not looking for “excuses” to “not have to take commitments seriously” as the Fox News contributor Tammy Brown stated.

I must say as a journalism student, I am shocked at the blatant lack of objectivity of this broadcast. Good reporting is neutral and only states the facts.

I hope in future broadcasts, no matter what or who they address, Fox News will improve their fact checking abilities and their anchors will be more thoughtful and considerate in their word choices.


Samantha Stanford

This is an actual email I plan to send to after I’m done with this post that simply states, “ Check your f***ing facts like you’re suppose to before talking about something you know nothing about”.

The funny thing is I’m not angry at what they said…well I am but it’s not that they said it because I’ve heard worse. It’s the fact that as journalists it is their job to remain as objective as possible but no, they have to put in their own two cents and broadcast it on national television, playing into the stereotypes and spreading stupidity and wrong information on a national scale.

If they got their own issues about my faith, that’s fine but keep it to yourself or be a reporter for the zealots at the 700 Club.

What do I think about the “Religious Guide”? I don’t see it as a problem but as a teaching tool. My mom and I work and go to school on many actual Sabbaths so we celebrates the weekend before and do something small when we get home on the actual day. I also know many other people of other faiths that work and go to school during Ramadan and Hanukah because they need to. The guide just states what each is and what it’s about. This guide is more truthful than the news story about it.

I guess I’m not the only hostile one because after only a day, the video of the broadcast has been removed from Fox News’s website. Luckily, YouTube is eternal so see for yourself :


DT_publicmuseum_677x387_FitToBoxSmallDimension_CenterHappy belated Imbolc everyone!

I haven’t been feeling well and I’m still healing from the oral surgery. It’s taking a lot longer than I thought it would take. Plus school has started up again (last semester WOOHOO!).
Great news, I’m back at Arches again! I’m so excited because instead of just being a reporter I’m also an editor of an entire section! And the coolest part is that I get to do a review of a new exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum, you might have heard of it…National Geographic Real Pirates!

Today I got to go through the ENTIRE exhibit all by myself and it was the most AMAZING experience of my life to date. I’ve lived in Milwaukee all my life and have been to the museum dozens of times that I can pretty much tell you where everything is without looking at the pamphlet map you get at the Help Desk. I have to admit, the museum went all out with this exhibit.

You are introduced to the exhibit with a 4 minute intro movie of the history of the pirate ship The Whydah accompanied by piratey-mood setting music and lighting effects of thunder and lightning. Finally, as the movie ends and the lightening still flashes, in comes this great crescendo of music and the wall where the film was just playing rises and opens into the exhibit, The first thing that you see is this gorgeous iron bell seeming to float in midair in a halo of golden light. I must have stared at that bell for a long time because it was a thing a beauty to a history buff like me.

The rest of the exhibit goes in chronological order of the history of The Wydah as it started out as a slaved ship which then was captured by pirates and then sank in a storm nearly two years later off the coast of Massachusetts. I got to touch ACTUAL pirate silver, learn how to tie sailor knots (not very well), walk in the hull of a ship and talked to ACTUAL PIRATES! Well…pirate actors, but still pirates!

I so wish I could have taken pictures but there was a “No photography” rule, which sucks but is understandable.

If you’re in the Milwaukee Area and love pirates, history or just cool stuff I recommend going and checking it out for yourself since it’s going to be at the museum until May 27 of this year. I’ll put up a link to my article when it gets published next month.
Blessed Be everyone, type you soon )o(

I’m so sorry that this post isn’t what I planned on or promised you guys, but I sometimes think that I’m cursed.

Well, maybe not cursed but most definitely unlucky when it comes to the holidays. Every holiday, especially Christmas/Yule time, I come down with some ailment that inhibits me from enjoying my winter break. Here is a ‘short’ list of some of the more exotic ones:

-double ear infection (several times)

-ruptured ear drum (twice in both ears)

-gall bladder surgery recovery

-chicken pox

-bronchitis (twice)

-ruptured tonsil due to severe tonsillitis (it healed and is fine)

-internal hemorrhaging (scariest moment in my sixth grade life…)

Just when things were looking up and I though the curse was broken, Little Bro brought home a highly contagious bug that my body’s not handling well. It has all the bells and whistles of a great virus: fever, sore throat and not to mention a horrible rash on my hands and arms that is making typing very painful so I have to stop it here.

I hope to feel better in a few days and post the post I promised.

Sorry again everyone but I’ll see you soon!

Blessed Be )o(

The first thing I have to say is…thank you God, Goddess and every deity known to human kind and the few known to monkeys for helping me get through Exam Week. I know this will sound whiney, but I feel like I’ve been dropped kicked across Milwaukee, all the way to Madison and back. I kid you not, when I came home from my last exam of the semester, I went to my room and slept for three hours before my mom came home around six-ish.

Essays, essays and guess what…more essays! Luckily one was a take home, but doing that and trying to study for four other classes  is NOT an easy task.

I can’t believe I only have one more semester until I have my Bachelor’s…very scarey.

I’ll be posting a second part to my Saint Expedite spell post early this coming week, because I …sort of…forget to do it because of exams (thank you wonderful Emmelia for reminding me! 🙂 ). It’s just going to be a brief go through of what I did with the ritual ‘remains’ of the spell and maybe give you guys some ideas if you want to do this spell.

First…sleep. Blissful, wonderful, much needed sleep.

And caffeine detox…

Blessed Be everyone!  )o(

Blessed Be Everyone!

I’ve been a baaaaad blogger lately, haven’t I? I’ve been trying to blog and do NaNoWriMo AND complete my graduation portfolio AND write an eight page and a five page paper…you get the picture.

So anyway, how is ‘Build-A-Babe’ coming along? Honestly, I’ve written quite a bit of it but I have a feeling that I won’t make it to 50,000 words in four days. But that’s fine because there’s always next year and also I have some wonderful news!

Before I started writing ‘Build-A-Babe’ for NaNoWriMo, it started out as a ten page short story that I wrote last April for my Creative Writing class. Like here, it got MASSIVE raves from my teacher and all of my classmates which I was pretty shocked about. I believe I am my worst critic, but I did NOT believe that everyone was going to like it so much.

Especially since I go to a very conservative college and there were some very…non-conservative dark humored jokes. They weren’t raunchy or anything, trust me. Let’s just say some things included grave-robbing, feeling up a dismembered female torso and boob jokes…yeah I’m weird and I’ve accepted it.

Anyway, my teacher liked it so much that she nominated it to be published in Paper Clips. Now, Paper Clips is a really really big thing at my school if you’re an English major, it’s sort of a magazine that the English Department publishes every semester and they only publish like the best of the best papers and essays  that the school has to offer. If your writing is deemed ‘worthy’ enough by your teacher, then you fill out some paperwork and hand that in with a copy of your story/essay whatever-thing. From there it is handed off to what I call the “Professors of the Round Table” because the heads of the department sit around a big table and pass back and forth all the entries and look them over for all the

usual Englishy things like grammar, fluidity and stuff like that.

From what I understand, if you get one or more ‘no’s then your stuff is trashed but if you get two or more ‘yes’s then you’re in or something like


Guess what…I got in!

You can’t see me but I haven’t stopped smiling since I got the Congrats! email. Like I said before, getting your stuff into Paper Clips is a HUGE thing because it’s like I’m getting validation that ‘Yes Sam, you ARE a good writer and everyone was right’. Now, here’s my little Emmy speech:

I want to say thank you to everyone who proofread the H.E double hockey sticks out of this ‘monster’piece and gave me so much encouragement to keep going with it and make it into a novel, which I plan to finish soon.  Thank you Mom, Christine, Barb, Laura, Carissa, and everyone else for putting up with my weirdness and welcoming me with open arms and hearts. 🙂

See you all soon! Blessed Be )o(

Hey everyone!

Sorry if this post is going to be really short but it’s late in the semester with only a month or so left of school before winter break (Yay!) and what with trying to do NaNoWriMo and all this essay writing, I haven’t been at my best lately. So far, my word count isn’t where I want it to be. I don’t even want to mention it,  but do count me out yet! I plan to write-up until the very end and we’ll see what happens.

Have a great weekend guy! Blessed Be )0(

Blessed Be Everyone!

*drum roll….* Here is the special thing I promised you guys!

Beloved October is coming to a close very soon and November aka National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo aka ‘A Month of Hell and Caffeine’ is right around the corner (*arms in the air*Yay!). Plus! This is a very special year indeed, because we also have the presidential vote coming up (*weak* yay…).

Am I the only person sick and tired of all the political negativity being blasted after every other commercial on the T.V. and radio, not to mention the internet? Seriously! I’ve seen less slop thrown at a pig farm than what these politicians are doing to each other. So to lighten up the mood…we’re going to have our own voting session!

I’ve been struggling to pick out a story manuscript for NaNoWriMo, so I thought I’d let you the people pick it for me. I like making up mock-book covers to help inspire me through my writing “effort” and I’ve Photoshopped four, count them FOUR covers for FOUR different stories. Read the blurbs underneath each one and then cast your vote as many times as you want on the one you would want to read the most and the one with the most votes by November 1st, I’ll attempt to complete.

This is Writing A Silver Broomstick and I approve this message…

Build-A-Babe: A Monster Love Story

F.J. is dying to go to the prom, but every girl at R.I.P High tells him to drop dead. He manages to dig up a date eventually…at the local cemetery. With the help of his ghoul friends, a perverted zombie who can’t keep his limbs to himself and geeky scientist madder in more ways than one, he manages to create the perfect girl. Will this be love at first fright or a prom date from hell?

Forever Young

Sarah Shepherd is seventeen years old, yet she’s more of an adult than her parents are. While they go through a messy divorce and custody battle, Sarah is forced to be the mother to her younger brother while all she wants to do is go out act her age. When she sees David and his gang causing mayhem at the local carnival, she feels that he’s the one who can give her what she wants. But David has different ideas, ideas involving blood, death, and rock and roll.

You Shine

Seo Sun-Hi or Sunny to her friends was born in South Korean in the fishing village of Pohang. While still an infant they moved to the U.S. where Sunny became a typical All-American high school nerd who has a panic attack every time a boy even come near her. Her parents tell her she has to get over her shyness because…they arrange for her to get married! To a K-Pop idol! She can’t get married at seventeen to a complete stranger, so she and her best friend devise a plan to break the entire thing off. Lucky her, her soon-to-be husband has the same idea…

Greeting From Planet Earth…Now Get Me Out of Here!

Jane Smith isn’t your average freshman. She can do Quantum physics in her sleep, she’s never heard of the Cee-vil War and she thinks her neighbor’s cat is trying to eat her. That because ‘Jane Smith’ is not just a transfer student, she’s a transfer student from another world! After ‘Jane’ and her crew make an emergency bathroom landing on Earth, their spaceship is locked down by the Home Planet for entering a recognized hostile zone. In order to return home, Jane and her crew must document modern human life as a human family for one Earth year or else… One thing Jane sure learns is that no matter what planet you’re one, high school drama is universal.

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