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This is one of her early works that I think is just beautiful and not at all ‘satantic’.

Blessed Be everyone!

I was just watching something on television and I had this uncontrollable urge to write about it. My insomnia has been working overtime lately so I’m lying in bed, flipping through channels when suddenly I see something that scared the Hades out me.

Yes, it was the face of…Pat Robinson!

*shudders* First off, to tell everyone I consider myself a person who likes to see the good in every person. But the ‘man’ known as Pat Robinson, and I use the word ‘man’ generously because I would like to call him something else but I know my mom will be reading this post and I don’t want her yelling at me, that I whole heartedly dislike. I don’t hate him, it’s a free country and he can spout out whatever he wants to on his show. I don’t believe in hate, because it breeds more hate and anger and that’s something that the world doesn’t need more of.

I don’t hate him, but I greatly dislike him for various reasons that I’ll probably write about later.

Sorry, back on subject. I see the beady little eyes of Pat Robinson *shudder* and he introduces a woman artist, Jessica Galbreth, who created these beautiful portraits of fairies, vampires and goddesses. Many portraits I’ve seen at various places and have admired greatly.

“I think I always had a strong sense that there was a supernatural world.  It progressed from liking pretty unicorns to buying a tarot deck and doing readings for my friends and getting a Ouija board.  And we would ask for someone to come talk to us, inviting anyone, anyone, whoever‘s out there, come talk to us. Things would happen all the time.  Unexplainable things, terrifying things”.

She goes on about having a long time interest in the occult and death.

When I hear those two words together, the phrase ‘Oh crap’ came into my mind. Now, this ‘Oh crap’ is not because either of these things is bad because they aren’t. But from my experience, when a person combines a fascination of death and a fascination of the occult, which is a umbrella term I personally think is strange for anything considered an ‘occult practice’ such as alchemy and spiritualism, and start experimenting like this woman did, it creates a bad juju red headed stepchild that  causes chaos for everyone involved. Then it gives bad press to other more experienced practitioners.

She started seeing her paintings as satanic so she destroyed them and became a devout Christian.

“I would try to give them a look, like they were gazing at you with bad intent,” she says.  “They had power and secret knowledge that all is wrapped up with the occult.”

I think her paintings are quite beautiful and if you Google her name you’ll find hundred of equally beautiful images.

What am I writing about this? I’m happy this woman found faith and happiness, and her new angel themed paintings are as beautiful as her fairies, but it nags me that her experiences were so negative that she was hunted down by the 700 Club extremists to put more bad press on anything considered ‘occult’ or ‘paranormal’ or ‘witchcraft’. She said she got into the occult because she was “looking for knowledge and power and secrets that I thought maybe other people didn’t know”

 The sad part is that there are people, credible people with a wealth of wisdom who could have steered her into a more positive direction and away from the Ouija Boards. Occultism is just a term for a study of a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences.

What I want everyone to take from this rant is yes, there are shadowy parts to all spiritual backgrounds, whether it is Wicca, Muslim, Christian, or Judaism. And if you submerge yourself in those shadows, you’re whole life will be nothing but shadows, like this woman’s life before she ‘found’ Jesus.

I am seriously thinking of maybe writing a ‘Vegan Soup for the Pagan Soul’ or something like that because what people consider the ‘occult’ is not just doom and gloom and full of Alistair Crowley and Anton LeVay wanna-be’s. There are people like M. Flora Peterson, Sonia Choquette and many others whose message is using your focus and Will to change your world and your life for the better for you and your family. Not just your blood family but your human family, your animal family, and your world family.

 Just because you use Tarot cards and pray to multiple or a feminine divinity, does NOT make you evil or make you wrong.

Blessed Be everyone and have a great Lammas!

August 2020

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