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Blessed Be Everyone!

*drum roll….* Here is the special thing I promised you guys!

Beloved October is coming to a close very soon and November aka National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo aka ‘A Month of Hell and Caffeine’ is right around the corner (*arms in the air*Yay!). Plus! This is a very special year indeed, because we also have the presidential vote coming up (*weak* yay…).

Am I the only person sick and tired of all the political negativity being blasted after every other commercial on the T.V. and radio, not to mention the internet? Seriously! I’ve seen less slop thrown at a pig farm than what these politicians are doing to each other. So to lighten up the mood…we’re going to have our own voting session!

I’ve been struggling to pick out a story manuscript for NaNoWriMo, so I thought I’d let you the people pick it for me. I like making up mock-book covers to help inspire me through my writing “effort” and I’ve Photoshopped four, count them FOUR covers for FOUR different stories. Read the blurbs underneath each one and then cast your vote as many times as you want on the one you would want to read the most and the one with the most votes by November 1st, I’ll attempt to complete.

This is Writing A Silver Broomstick and I approve this message…

Build-A-Babe: A Monster Love Story

F.J. is dying to go to the prom, but every girl at R.I.P High tells him to drop dead. He manages to dig up a date eventually…at the local cemetery. With the help of his ghoul friends, a perverted zombie who can’t keep his limbs to himself and geeky scientist madder in more ways than one, he manages to create the perfect girl. Will this be love at first fright or a prom date from hell?

Forever Young

Sarah Shepherd is seventeen years old, yet she’s more of an adult than her parents are. While they go through a messy divorce and custody battle, Sarah is forced to be the mother to her younger brother while all she wants to do is go out act her age. When she sees David and his gang causing mayhem at the local carnival, she feels that he’s the one who can give her what she wants. But David has different ideas, ideas involving blood, death, and rock and roll.

You Shine

Seo Sun-Hi or Sunny to her friends was born in South Korean in the fishing village of Pohang. While still an infant they moved to the U.S. where Sunny became a typical All-American high school nerd who has a panic attack every time a boy even come near her. Her parents tell her she has to get over her shyness because…they arrange for her to get married! To a K-Pop idol! She can’t get married at seventeen to a complete stranger, so she and her best friend devise a plan to break the entire thing off. Lucky her, her soon-to-be husband has the same idea…

Greeting From Planet Earth…Now Get Me Out of Here!

Jane Smith isn’t your average freshman. She can do Quantum physics in her sleep, she’s never heard of the Cee-vil War and she thinks her neighbor’s cat is trying to eat her. That because ‘Jane Smith’ is not just a transfer student, she’s a transfer student from another world! After ‘Jane’ and her crew make an emergency bathroom landing on Earth, their spaceship is locked down by the Home Planet for entering a recognized hostile zone. In order to return home, Jane and her crew must document modern human life as a human family for one Earth year or else… One thing Jane sure learns is that no matter what planet you’re one, high school drama is universal.

Good morning, evening, and afternoon everyone!

Today I had my first ‘business’ meeting with my bosses at the Shepherd! I feel so much like an adult today. Not just because of my first ‘business’ meeting (I love saying that 🙂 ) but I also did something else today.Image

I’m betting for a lot of people this is going to sound weird…

My last post, I mentioned my mom and I riding the bus down to the Historic Third Ward but I didn’t mention the reason why. My mom was taking me on a practice run so I could go to my meeting by myself on the bus…because I had never taken the public bus alone before. There I said it!

I was very sheltered as a child, so doing things by myself, from talking to people to cooking for myself, is very hard and scares the living daylights out of me! I’m one of those people that think of every negative possibility that could ever happen in every situation and a few that are impossible. For example, I was waiting at the bus stop with my two dollars and a quarter in bus fare clutched in my hand so that I had it ready, and I reach for my cell phone with my other hand to check the time and see that the buss is three minutes late. Just three minutes. And here is the scenario that my frazzled brain cooked up:

“Maybe you missed the bus…you should have left earlier…what if the bus doesn’t come and you miss the meeting and then your boss with hate you and he’ll call your advisor/editor of your school’s newspaper and tell her that the person she suggested for the internship is unreliable and he never wants to work with you again and she’ll be so disappointed and she she’ll tell everyone on the newspaper how much of a crappy person you are and you become the leper of the whole English department all because the bus never came!”  I got on the bus a minute later…

I am proud to say I made it to my interview in one piece without getting lost or losing anything (except my sanity for a brief moment) all by myself with my dad picking up afterward. Yay for the first steps of independence 🙂

On a musical note, (*giggle* see what I did there? You see I…*awkward cricket sounds*) some of you might know my love of K-Pop music that I’ve mentioned before, *yay K-Pop* and one of my favorite K-Pop bands, BIGBANG (Oh, BIGBANG how I adore you all…) has just released their newest music video for their song called ‘Monster’. *Insert fan-girl squeal here*

I have to say that this video is awesome if not, to quote Martina of ‘Eat Your Kimchi ‘rawesome’, and I’m not just saying this because I’m a HUGE BIGBANG fan. If you watch a lot of K-Pop music videos, you’ll notice that many videos are not very…creative. Bands have a habit of using artsy shiny backgrounds that are clearly performance stages (example: Taetiseo’s ‘Twinkle’) or they localize the videos in one room areas (U-KISS’s ‘Dora Dora’). But with most of BIGBANG’s video’s they go global and create an entire world in their videos to accompany a story line, and here they didn’t disappoint.

Warning: Spoiler!

In the video, BIGBANG are secret government experiments trapped in a government facility. Through the video they are trying to escape their prison, dodging gunfire and explosives at every turn, running from the ‘true monsters,’ the ones holding them captive. The song goes beautifully with the imagery of the video. I keep thinking of movies like ‘Monsters versus Aliens’ and ‘Watchmen’ where monsters and superheroes are seen as being the same: horrible freaks that should be imprisoned and feared. With the lyrics, “I need you, baby I’m not a monster, you know me from before” is like the hero telling his love “I may be different but I’m still the same person you love.”

This video has everything: awesome effects, awesome camera movement, and awesome imagery. What can I say? It’s just awesome (especially T.O.P’s werewolf eyes and fangs at times 0:44, 0:52, and 1:03).

Now, there are a few costume choices that did make me say, WTF? The major one would have to be the singer/rapper Taeyang’s ‘double curly Dracula whatsits’. If you’ve ever seen the movie Dracula with Keanu Reeves and Gary Oldman in it, you should remember old Dracula’s hair style with the tunnel curls on top of his head? I wouldn’t have chosen that myself, but…no those were just awful. Now rapper, G-Dragon’s ‘half demon-horny do’ threw me off too, but not because it was bad but because it could have been better. It was like the make-up crew took a red plastic Halloween pair of devil horn’s, cut it in half, and put it on his head. If they just took the time to polish it, make it a sleek black to match his outfit, it would have looked much better and more realistic.

If you want to check out the video, here it is in all of its ‘rawesome’ glory.

Happy Tuesday and Blessed Be 🙂

I have talked about my addiction to Japanese and Korean Dramas before (I like Taiwanese and Chinese too but not as much…) in one or two other posts. Well, this addiction has spawned a new challenge for me that I’m beyond excited about.

I have this idea for a cross cultural novel about a westernized Korean American girl and a native Korean guy and I wanted to do some more research on Korea and the culture.  I found a wealth of awesome blog called Eat Your Kimchi that I have fallen hopelessly devoted to (yes, I did a Sandy…oh Sandy…).

Any way, the blog was created by a lovely Canadian married couple(and their fur baby, Spudgy) who actually live in Korea as English teachers. They are both educational as well as funny. They don’t just talk about Korea culture, they also review local restaurants, find the weirdest Korean products and they do reviews on the newest K-Pop songs. I am big into K-Pop right now so I love watching them (SHINee U-KISS I LOVE U !).

This post isn’t doing them justice. I don’t have the words that can describe how wonderful and laid back they are. You have to see then for themselves. These two have inspired me with their…je ne sais quoi. (Yay, french class paid off!)

You have to see them for yourself 🙂

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