I am counting the days to the end of exams and all my classes when finally I get a chance to not worry about stuff like homework, class, getting to school on time…

I have plans for winter break and here they are:

-Finish editing my Nano book and get my paperback by February

-Sleep (of course)

-Get back into sculpting with clay

And my big projects is learning medical herbalism (exciting!) For the reason that me and my mom have very screwed up bodies and we can’t handle many  pharmaceutical products like aspirin, stomach medicines, etc. I’ve always been interested in herbs and there medical and magical properties. Now, I am making the time to learn!

I’m not sure on how I’m going to do it yet, there are so many sources, but I’m going to make some stops at the library and then to the herbal shop to start practicing, (on my self, because mom said no to experimentation on little bro) Mom has agreed to help me in my journey to making herbal remedies, tinctures, and satchels. So onward!